Restaurant Grade Charcoals

We supply restaurant charcoal wholesalers and restaurants through out the UK and parts of Europe.  Our products are sourced from a number of suppliers which we have chosen for the quality of their product and these are continually monitored.  This means we can offer a number of different catering grades to suit your needs.  We take time to fit the correct product to suit their market needs.

All our products can be delivered as a single pallet or full load delivery.

Our restaurant charcoals are popular with Tandoor restaurants, open grill restaurants, street food vendors, BBQ pitmasters and the serious BBQ'er. 

We are more than happy to supply samples or arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

12kg Restaurant Grade Blue Bag

Size: 12kg
Barcode: 5060098640071
Direct Container Deliveries: 1560 bags, 24 pallets
Pallet Quantity: 65 or 66

  • Excellent quality restaurant grade charcoal. Screened 40mm - 150mm
  • Industry recognised 12kg Blue Bag preferred by chefs
  • Larger screened grade which will burn longer and hotter than conventional bbq charcoal
  • Product of South America a blend of White Quebracho and other hardwoods
  • Rarely spits or sparks
  • This is a very popular product which is suitable for open grills, tandoor ovens and Josper type ovens
  • Different cuisines will have different requirements and we are happy to discuss your individual preference
  • Authorised fuel suitable for use in a smoke control area
  • Stock is always available at our UK distribution warehouse

Restaurant Safety Data Sheet

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Premium Grade Wattle 12kg Restaurant Charcoal

Size: 12kg
Barcode: 5060096848202
Direct Container Deliveries: Approx 1100 bags
Pallet Quantity: 43 bags

  • Product of South Africa
  • Premium grade product which is historically popular with restaurants
  • Very clean grade minimising dust in a kitchen area
  • Wattle is very well graded being more regular sized so giving an even burn and lights easily
  • It is less likely to spark than other charcoals
  • Wattle is purely eucalyptus wood which comes from areas which have already been cleared by other industries
  • Authorised fuel suitable for use in a smoke control area
  • Stock is always available

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