About us

Direct Charcoal has been manufacturing and sourcing quality charcoal products for many years and has extensive experience in supplying the needs of demanding UK and European market. We supply a full range of Restaurant, Catering and BBQ grade charcoals.

Our own production plant in South Africa produces our Instant Light Lumpwood and Briquette charcoals, these are sustainably sourced  products. We import both packaged and bulk  charcoal from a variety of overseas production plants that work exclusively for us complying with our strict quality criteria.

The bulk products we import are packed into our own and our customers branded packaging here at our factory in Brough, Derbyshire. Our warehousing allows us to carry large stock levels to ensure continuity of supply to meet the demand.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, we maintain our customers individual quality demands very stringently. We are REACH registered and our Restaurant grade charcoals are authorised smokeless fuels.

Our comprehensive range of charcoal products are delivered direct to our customers in any quantity from one single pallet to full lorry loads.

Our business has been built on the ethos of giving our customers what they want exactly when they need it. Our facilities and experienced management team allow us to maintain this level of service.